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The dynamics of emotional chats with Bots:
Experiment and agent-based simulations

Prevalence of autoantibodies against a second extracellular loop of M3 muscarinic...

Tunable electronic transport properties in fold armchair-edged graphene nanoribbon junctions

Wave-particle duality probe model using micro-optical device for neuro-quantum investigations

Micro/Nanocontact printing of water-soluble biomacromolecules and polymers

ISSN 2454 - 7239

Volume 5 Issue 2 APRIL 2015

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1 Analysis Of Supervised Machine Learning Classification Algorithms onTextual Data
Author(s): Mr Suresh Kumar G , Sarojini Devi E , S Laxmi Prasanna
DOI : https://appseltt.2015.v5 ,i02.pp1-6

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